Our Vision

Our vision is to create unique campaigns for our clients. We work in all mediums and with all types of organizations and companies to reach their objectives. Every company tries to convey different aspects of their product, and we are here to assist in that aspect towards your success.


Focus Design and Photo was founded in August of 2019. Since the beginning, our clientelle has grown immensely. Not just from the thrill of marketing with a company that keeps the budget in the ball park, but for the remarkable service that comes with it.

Our Founder, Andrew Arnold, made it a dream to establish a company that only provided graphic design services. He would take either small freelance assignments or finish major projects for established companies. Afterwards, he built this company and we took in our first client graciously. Without asking for compensation and delivering a powerful campaign. Locally, word of our business had spread. Also, in that time the company has literally superseded its work space, employed five wonderful creators, and grown its clientele to all regions of the United States.

Our Team