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©2019 by Focus Photography and Design.

Our vision is to create the

best marketable campaigns 

possible for our clients.

We work in all medias, work

with all organizations and

companies to help them

achieve their goals. Every

company tries to convey

different aspects of their

product and we are here to

assist in that aspect of

your success.

Focus Design and Photo was

founded in August of 2019.

Since being founded the client list has

grown immensely. Not just for the thrill of going with a marketing company that keeps the budget in the ball park, but for the remarkable service that comes with it.

Our Founder, Andrew Arnold, was aiming to be simply a designer. Freelance or perhaps creating for a company, then one day a client fell from the sky. Without being paid started to help, and from there the work came flowing. In that time the company has literally superseded its work space, employed five new wonder creators, and grown its cliental to all regions of the United States.

Our Vision