Soon, we will be releasing our first full-length animation made to promote our goals as a company. From inception to completion, the process of creating this took almost 3 weeks in total! This just goes to show how in-depth this process can be. First we started off with an idea and a script for the video, which only took about a day to complete. The next day was spent recording (and rerecording) audio for the video. We then got to work storyboarding the animations. Storyboarding means drawing out each animation that needs to take place and at what times they need to happen. This can take a while but not nearly as long as the animation process. We had to create all of the assets for the video from scratch, finally leading us to the animating itself! Animation is something we as a company have worked with since the beginning but we have never completed something this long or complex before. Although the character is mostly just walking and talking, lip-syncing the audio, fixing small errors, and moving the pieces around took about 2 and a half weeks on its own. The making of this video has taught us many things but above all else, it has taught us patience. We look forward to learning and growing in our animation department. Interested in having an animation made of your own? Send us a message to inquire. 

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