Essential Widgets That You May Need For Your Website

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Not all websites are made equal and sometimes you will need to use widgets to fulfill your audience’s objective. When used effectively, widgets are wonderful tools to add functionality and flair to your website. For example, on a weather website there can be a widget that displays a 5-day report or a car insurance company with a live-chat bot to facilitate the purchasing process.

Luckily, these programs are not too difficult to add to your website. Even with minimal coding experience, there are plenty of programs that are already written and ready for you to paste onto your website.

Customer Service and Live Chat

Customer experience is a major concern when deciding on how your website is structured. Your users may have answers that can only be solved through contact. The purpose of a customer service button is to allow your customers to help themselves when there is an answer that your website cannot directly explain.

Whatfix is a great asset in empowering users to help them find solutions around your website. It provides a step-by-step guidance system that lets users complete the tasks that they seek. This minimizes confusion and dependence on using a helpdesk.

Additionally, users may require further technical support and would have to speak to a representative. LiveChat is an extremely popular service and has many features that can save everyone’s time. This software holds a good mix between using AI and human touch.

Live Chat Widget Feature

Search Bar

A search bar is essential for large pages to connect audiences to the content that they want to search for. Typically, e-commerce websites and other large platforms need this add-on as it removes extra steps needed to find a certain piece of content.

Elf-sight (link) has a powerful search widget that is known for their quick navigation and utilizes searches based on Google API.

Discussion Forum

Having a discussion forum is an engaging way for you to connect with your audience. Although social media makes it easier to interact with customers, these platforms are usually busy and distracting places to get their attention. Without all the off-putting silly content, a discussion forum provides a semi-exclusive environment for your customers to only focus on what your website offers. It is an effective way to build relationships and this gives you further insight into the way your customer’s think. With an effective forum and awareness of your consumers demographics, it will be easier to have a higher return rate on your page. Tribe platform (link) has a very engaging forum widget that promotes engagement and can give your website a strong community feeling. Its goal is to make your brand more social and allows your users to share various types of content among users.

Discussion Forum Widget Feature

Social Media Buttons

Over 90 percent of businesses in America are utilizing the power of social media to market their business. With an ability to increase brand awareness, social media is important for your marketing campaigns.

While it is easy to set up a social media page, there are many businesses that miss out on leading their customers to those pages. Utilizing these platforms is effective because these visitors will continue to recognize your business in their leisure time.

One great way of integrating social media to your businesses is to use social share and follow buttons. To ensure that these widgets are used effectively, be sure to only include the platforms that your page mainly uses. AddToAny is an impressive plugin that can fit into any site builder. It includes many lightweight and efficient features that emphasize mobile responsiveness. These features include floating share bars, image share buttons, share counts, and high-quality vector icons.

Social Media Button Widget Feature

Appointments and Calendars

A calendar with scheduling functions is strongly needed for businesses that require reservations. These widgets perform multiple functions at a time and save space on your web page. JRNI is an intuitive platform that focuses on easy appointment booking. The initiative to this company is to bridge the gaps in customer experience by simplifying scheduling and maximizing workforce utilization. Through smart workflows, customers can schedule appointments in order to connect to the right people at the right time.

Newsletter Signup

Like the functions of social media buttons, a mailing list strengthens the connection between you and your audiences. Offers and incentives are also a perfect way of increasing interactions with this type of feature.

Mailchimp is an impressive program that has many attractive templates for emails, opt-in pop ups and much more. With a few clicks you can create a list of 2,000 e-mail contacts for free.

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