Have You Seen the Skittles Man?

Let’s talk candy. Specifically, Skittles! Everybody loves the taste of the rainbow, but does everybody like the look of it? Skittles released a new ad campaign featuring an inhuman being hiding in the dark kitchen of a young man’s home. The commercial opens to a teenage boy and his butler. The boy demands that the butler retrieve him more yogurt-covered Skittles. A frightened look appears on the butlers face, as he slowly makes his way to the kitchen. Upon entering the kitchen, we see a figure searching through an open refrigerator. “Yogurt Boy!” the butler calls to the figure. He then sticks chopsticks holding a single Skittle into the ‘yogurt boy’, who then giggles as if he’s being tickled. The butler then returns to the teenager, and hands him the Skittle, to the boy’s delight.

We spoke a bit about this commercial on our LinkedIn page, but wanted to further discuss it here, with you. Upon viewing it for the first time, many emotions, including fear, confusion, and surprise, raced through my mind. But, let’s talk about why it’s an effective ad. Skittles is well known for surprising and confusing commercials, from ‘Skittles Pox’, to milking a Skittles giraffe, to a colorful Skittles smile, but did they push it too far this time? Each commercial raises its own type of emotion, and that amplifies the effectiveness of the commercial. When you feel something, you’re more likely to remember it. That’s the point of an ad, right? To make sure the customer remembers who you are, what you do, and what you offer them. So, the ad may have been a bit out-of-the-ordinary, and maybe even a little bit scary, but, I promise, you’ll remember the commercial next time you see Skittles on the shelf at the grocery store.

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Check out the Skittles commercial for yourself:

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