Our computer animations pt. 1

There are many different types of animation. From traditional, 2d, 3d, motion graphics, and stop motion. We deal with 2d computer animations. This means we draw a character and animate it, as opposed to drawing frame by frame. There’s a lot that goes into the process, some of which can’t even be put into words. Everything starts with an idea. From that stems different ways to execute said ideas. We have to come up with a story, and characters. We have to give these characters life, and a purpose. We have to draw everything that will be surrounding said character, everything that will come in contact with the character. We have to take something that did not previously exist, and bring it to life. Our most recent animation is an ad for our new deal we have going on. From February to December of 2020 we will be offering full service marketing for only $500. This includes: a video every month, full social media marketing, full website assistance, SEO, and five product animations per calendar month. ...

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