Our computer animations pt. 2

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

… Our animation consists of 3 characters, a young girl, an older man, and an infomercial esque announcer. It was a lot of fun mapping out the process. It took our animator and writer about 2 hours to script it, design the characters, and finish a storyboard. Divided between the two, they spent the next few days drawing all the characters and props. From there started the actual animation. It took about 17 cups of coffee, and 60 hours to animate. Starting with setting up the scene, then doing legs, arms, mouth, eyes, and lastly hair. You might not think so, but it takes a lot to move a limb or blink an eye. You have to make sure their shoulders move when they’re supposed to, you want their face to match the tone of their voice, their hair has to move naturally. It’s a big process of trial and error. There’s nothing more satisfying than the whole office crowding around the computer to watch the finished product together. The general tone of the video is kind of like hypocritical satire; we’re making fun of the infomercial style of ads, while still being serious about what we’re offering. It was a lot of fun making and we think people will really enjoy our sense of humor.

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