One of our many abilities here at Focus Design and Photo is printing. Whether it be as simple  as a 8.5” by 11’’ or a shirt, we can do it! We have an excellent printing station, complete with many different printers, and fabric presses, all used to ensure you get exactly what you want. In the past, we’ve done: programs, brochures, flyers, posters, shirts, jackets,and bags. With every project we do, we learn something new. Something we can implement into our next project. We’re always looking for new angles, and new ways to challenge ourselves. When it comes to doing the prints, we have to make sure everything's the way it should be, that means checking and rechecking everything, and with the fabric prints, we have to be patient. We do everything by hand so we have to take an extra step to be extremely careful, as to not mess anything up. What we don’t do by hand, we credit to our Cricket printers. We’re excited to see what you may have in store for us!

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