Why You Need a Google My Business Page

Google My Business is an easy way to boost your businesses presence through the search results page. The best part of establishing a GMB page is that it is free.

What is a Google my Business Page?

Google My Business is a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses to manage their presence throughout Google search and maps. It is utilized by helping customers find your business, tell them your story, and provide further verification for personal reassurance.

With a business page, you can display important information regarding your business. This includes the opening/closing hours, contact phone number and/or a link to your website. It is free to create these listings and it should be considered a necessity to create these pages for all businesses. Creating a My Business page is equivalent to having a well-polished store front.

Why Do I Need a Google My Business Page?

There has been an increased amount of search queries becoming more geographically specific and Google’s algorithms have been developed to consider user intent. There have been moments where you would search for things such as, “restaurants near me” and you will notice that Google provides a list of at least three spots to dine at based on your current location. These three businesses have been shown because of your search query and that is a step closer to them bringing in another customer.

By gathering insight from your customers, you can find unbelievably valuable information. An example of this data is noticing how many people may directly call your business from the phone number displayed on local search results in Search and Maps.

Other benefits of creating a My Business page is that it simplifies customer interaction. You will be able to read and respond to the reviews given by your customers. It helps to post photos that are involved with what you do. It is shown that, businesses that add photos to their business profiles receive 42% more requests for direction on Google Maps and 35% more clicks to their website rather than businesses that do not.

Optimizing your Google My Business Page

After setting up your GMB page the next move is to ensure that it is optimized. Your objective should be to include as much information about your listing as possible. As people search for your business, it is best to utilize features such as: find out more information, contact details, and directions.

The way users search for things is changing and important information needs to be instant. If you have not set up accurate details, then it will be a challenge for people to find your business.

Tips to Improve your Page

· Set the Right Description

Be sure to take the time to write a good description of your listing to your users. The description is used as an overview on what your business is about. Keywords play a significant part in having your listing appear sooner than others. By using various local phrases, it will be easier for people to search for your company in the city that you are in. Remember that, your My Business page can run a description of up to 750 characters. It is worthwhile to get the most relevant information in the first few sentences and to gather at least 2-3 keywords that will describe your business best.

· Add Posts to your Business Page

Next, you can add photos to really make your listing stand out. This content will appear in both Google Search and on Map Results.

To add a post, all you must do is access your GMB account and click on “Create a new post”. From there you will be able to upload images, write a description (Up to 300 Characters), and provide a start and end date.

Additionally, there is an option to add a call-to action with a variety of button choices including ‘Learn more’, ’Reserve’, ’Sign up’, ‘Buy’ and ‘Get Offer’.

This post option provides great flexibility in promoting events, sharing content, and promoting your products of services. These posts last up to 7 days before needing to be replaced with a new post. Google will send you a reminder once your post is about to expire.

This screenshot of our company page shows how we can use this feature to promote our “Focus on A Friend” campaign. As you can see, we have provided detailed information on our promotion. Alongside there is a “call-to-action” button for users to call us today.

Photo Update

As of February of 2020, you can now add up to 10 photos or videos to your Google posts. It is vital to use visuals because besides writing a powerful description, an image would help make the page stand out significantly. They assist in telling stories and benefit e-commerce businesses as they can help in revealing the variety within their products.

It is good to have a display of your company, logo, and team but Google search crawlers’ value active pages more than dormant ones. So, remember to add images on a regular basis.

Remember to Collect Reviews

To rank higher in search and map results, be sure to collect reviews. Reviews play the role of signals of what people’s thoughts are towards your business. They also act as a key factor on the chances of you being displayed first on the results page. Additionally, they act as social validity for potential customers, and this makes it easier for them to decide whether they want to make the decision in supporting a business. Always target customers that yield a high chance on leaving good reviews. To amplify the chance of receiving a good review, set up an email template and personalize it before sending it to a customer. Good or bad, remember to respond to all your reviews. This will show that you are a business that cares.

If you would like to know more about starting a Google My Business Page or need further assistance in SEO and other digital marketing services, then you can speak to one of our team members. We will be glad to help.

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